COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information


Dear students and parents,

I apologize for the delay of specific information during these crazy days. I have to wait until decisions are made in our seven school divisions and LFCC to be sure what MVGS is doing isn't conflicting with the base schools. This is what I know at this point:

  • MVGS plans to start new, graded, instruction again on April 14th. We are developing online plans, but will accommodate those who have difficulty accessing the internet.
  • Students who successfully complete MVGS courses will receive both high school and DE credit. The specifics of grading is still TBD.
  • Please continue to check Google Classroom for each class. Teacher are posting optional activities that will be helpful to your learning and keep you connected to classmates.
  • Faculty is planning ways to honor our seniors.

I appreciate your patience and perseverance these weeks. I hope to be able to get specifics to you soon. Please continue to check your division's updates.


Governor Northam and MVGS Executive Superintendent have instituted an attendance waiver for k-12 schools across the state. As a result, any materials that has been sent home is to be considered optional instructional resources. There are no expectations that they are to be completed or graded.

This directive from the state is most likely to ensure that schools who do not have the means for online instruction and/or students who do not have access to technology will not be penalized. Because MVGS is set up to do online instruction, I have requested MVGS be allowed to continue teaching/learning as we have in other closures. To date I have not received an answer.

Until further notice, any materials that have been sent home or posted online are to be considered optional instructional resources. There are no expectations that they are to be completed or graded. Please continue to check your email as this is an unprecedented and evolving situation. I hope we will be able to continue online instruction soon, but for now we have to follow the Governor's and Executive Superintendent's directive.

At this time, field experiences scheduled for March are cancelled. Hopefully we can reschedule later in the year. If not, payments will be refunded.

As you know, this situation is evolving. I'll keep you updated as there is news. Updates will also be posted here on our website.

Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions.